Air purifiers are inconspicuous products that can have a great impact on how people feel. The easy to place air cleaners have a HEPA filter that replaces the polluted air with clean fresh air. Dust particles, bacteria and also viruses are filtered from the environment.
Due to a simple design and low weight, the air cleaners can be used in different places. With high cleaning performance, the air purifier remains unnoticeably quiet. Guarantee for clean air in your daily business, which lets you and your employees breathe a sigh of relief at any time.
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Where are the cleaners used?

The various models of air fresheners and cleaners are used in both the private household and the commercial sector. In private households, air purifiers help especially allergy sufferers to limit the extent of their allergy. With a simple design and different coloured filter covers, the models can be used in every living room. A filter cover serves as an additional filter during filtration, at the same time it brings colour into your room.

In the commercial sector , the air purifiers can be found in different areas . Especially in offices the air cleaners have a positive effect on the working atmosphere. Stuffy and used air is replaced by cleaned and fresh air. This increases the well-being of your employees and therefore their satisfaction and productivity.
Besides the use in offices, also warehouses or production facilities enjoy the use of air cleaning devices. Especially if there are harmful substances or a lot of dust particles in the air, air purifiers make sense. Already in shortest time the breathing air is cleaned again and your staff finds itself in pleasant working conditions.

Where would you not like to have clean and fresh air? In many different areas and places, people often wish for a little fresh air. Our air purifiers fulfil exactly this wish at your desired location. Please consider the room size recommendation.

There are various models available, for different kinds of room sizes. There are air purifiers that are especially designed for smaller rooms or air cleaners that fully refresh large rooms. The reason for these differences is the different size of the air purifiers. Its dimension is adjusted to the size of the room in order to achieve optimal results.

Ideally the air should be filtered two or three times in one hour. By calculating the volume of air in the area to be cleaned, this can be compared to the cleaning performance. For a clear comparison we recommend the use of the filters in our online shop.

Operate with App

Run on automatic mode

Usable via remote control

How does an air purifier work?
Often you are not aware of how stuffy the air you breathe is. Also the presence of viruses or pollutants is not visible to the human eye. This is where air sensors come into play. The sensors measure the content of the air and thus indicate that the circulating air should be cleaned again.
Through the interaction of the air sensor with the corresponding app, you always have the quality of the room air in view. The control via the "IDEAL AIR" App is one way of operating air purifiers. Most products come with a remote control and also have an automatic mode.

The remote control is easy to use and self-explanatory. In automatic mode, you don't have to worry about the app or the remote control and simply leave the cleaning to the device. Regardless of which operation you use, you will achieve effective air filtration for the respective application. This is achieved by combining different filters inside the products.

The 360° HEPA (high efficiency particulate filters) filter essentially consists of four different filter stages. First, the air flows through a grid that serves as a pre-filter. Biggest particles, such as dirt or similar, are trapped here. The next pre-filter is a net which filters coarse particles.

After the first two filtrations, the air is already cleaned at the smallest level. Because the next step is to filter out particles that are respirable and ultra-fine. Dust particles or viruses would also fail at this point. Finally, a layer of activated carbon ensures that the air is freed from odours and gases.
At the end of the process, clean and pleasant air is produced, which is free of viruses, pollutants and dust, among other things. Despite the high performance, the air purifiers remain quiet and are hardly noticeable.

The efficiency of the air purifier naturally depends largely on the filter inside. Therefore, it can easily be replaced as soon as you notice a significant decrease in the efficiency of the cleaner. Therefore the filter is also available separately in our shop. After the filter has been replaced, your device is virtually as new and you can continue to enjoy its advantages.

How useful are air purifiers?
With the various models in this category belong you can not necessarily see the benefits directly. You can perceive smells, but you are not aware of the presence of pollutants or other small particles. Therefore it is easier to ask yourself how useful the product really is for me.

As a company that itself has many air purifiers in use, we can assure you that it is extremely useful. The circulating air has a great influence on the well-being of people. Bad air can not only cause bad mood or headaches. It can also make people ill. With a suitable air purifier for your business, you will not only make your staff feel better. At the same time you also protect their health.

By filtering out pathogens, viruses and pollutants from the air, you can contribute to the health of your employees. In addition to the staff, customers in sales rooms can also benefit from the purified air. Create an optimal shopping atmosphere for your customers.

Do you have questions about the cleaning performance of an item? You are not yet aware of how to use a device in your company? Or would you like to learn more about the various products? We look forward to your questions, requests or suggestions. Please feel free to contact us.
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