В тази категория ще намерите различни артикули за хигиенна защита на Вашите продукти. Благодарение на прозрачния материал, продуктите са представени по атрактивен начин, като същевременно остават защитени от външни влияния. Различните модели капаци могат лесно да се поставят на маса или плот.
Филтриране и сортиране

Establish new standards

Placed on the sales counter, the various covers advertise the protected goods at visible height. The customer is immediately confronted with the goods or the offer. In this way, you not only present your goods in a protected manner, but also advertise your offer or product efficiently. Decide on product protection now and guarantee the freshness and hygiene of your products.

The hygiene of the product and the shop is of great importance to customers. Potential buyers are looking for fresh and pure products. At the same time, for the sake of the environment, unnecessary plastic packaging should be avoided. Product protection helps you to agree on the above-mentioned objectives.

With a cover, the goods remain sterile at first. The above-mentioned articles made of various plastics trap dirt, droplets and other external influences. The covers protect the respective product by means of an appropriately high front screen or a roof. Additional side walls provide all-round protection.

In order not to interfere with the work of your staff or to present additional work steps, the rear wall of the product protection remains open in most cases. The employees still access the goods quickly and purposefully and can serve the customer quickly.

By the way, the spit guards for the counter are sustainable. The sustainability of these plastic products is guaranteed by the fact that they reduce the amount of outer packaging in the retail trade. By placing this product on the counter, a large number of plastic packaging is avoided. Because the products are shielded behind the cover, there is no need for additional packaging. When the product is sold, it can be stored in the customer's own eco-bag or a paper bag. In this way it is possible to perfectly adjust to the wishes of the customer.

Presentation on a new level

Product protection guarantees hygiene and safety in your company. The protection guarantees the freshness and hygiene of the product. Safety is guaranteed by presenting hygienically safe products and customers. They create security and trust with the customer, which has an effect on their buying behaviour.

In addition to protection, product protection also offers new possibilities in the presentation of goods. The counter tops serve excellently as product carriers. They provide an additional area on the counter to advertise goods and thus move directly into the customer's field of vision. The attention of customers is quickly attracted.

Decide now on product protection to present your fresh produce in a hygienic and attractive way. As the manufacturer of the various covers, we are happy to provide you with advice and support.
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